Or Be Forever Fallen



• Visuals - Zach Duer
• Music - Charles Nichols
• Performance - Beo String Quartet


• Sherwood Oaks, Cranberry Township, PA, January 21, 2020
• Steamworks Creative, Gibsonia, PA, January 15, 2020
• Beo String Quartet, Moss Arts Center, Blacksburg, VA, November 16, 2017

Or Be Forever Fallen is a multimedia performance for processed string quartet, animated video, and live visualization. Imaginery machinery and landscape, tightly coordinated with live musical performance, creates a visual music environment. Combining the tradition and craft of classical music with the intensity and bravado of metal, the expressive potential of acoustic instruments is expanded with the virtuosic performance of interactive computer music. The amplified string quartet is heavily processed with saturated audio effects, including distortion, phasing, and flanging.

Documentation of performance, Moss Arts Center, Blacksburg, VA, November 16, 2017




360 immersive video version



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