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As an educator, my primary goal is to provide students with a framework that enables them to teach themselves the technical skills, conceptual background, and creative approaches to make their artwork. I organize my classes as environments that promote hands-on, active learning. I provide learning materials in as many ways as possible, so that each student can find their own avenue. Lectures take the form of guided activities, followed by applied exercises. Assignments carefully scaffold information presented in the learning materials, asking students to recontextualize what they have learned in a new way, or in a personal direction. In individual mentorships, I guide students through an exploration of their creative processes, helping them to identify for themselves how to organize their approach to making artwork. I am successful when a student is able to build and apply their own framework for continued learning and exploration of their own curiosity.

Student Work

Courses Taught:

Virginia Tech (2017 - present)

ART 1114 – Play to Make

ART 3594 – Visual Programming

ART 3704 – Creative Coding: Processing

ART 4514 – Visual Music

ART 4704 – Advanced Creative Coding: Unity

ART 4894 – Senior Studio

ART 4974 – Independent Study

ART 5524 – Graduate Seminar

ART 5534 – Graduate Art Critique

ART 5604 – Advanced Creative Coding: Unity

ART 5704 – Creative Coding: Processing

ART 5974 – Graduate Independent Study

UH 3004 – Immersive Environments for Art, Data, and Research

UH 3504 – Honors Transdisciplinary Seminar: Movement and Media


Virginia Commonwealth University (2014-2015)

KINE 208 – Introduction to Computer Techniques

KINE 291 – Projection Mapping

KINE 291 – Max/MSP/Jitter

KINE 291 – Processing

KINE 291 – Motion Capture

KINE 338 – 3D Computer Animation I

KINE 438 – 3D Computer Animation II

KINE 491 – Programming in Unity


John Tyler Community College (2015)

ART 203 – Animation I

ART 204 – Animation II


Mills College (2008)

MUS 003 – Musicianship I [TA, Instructor of Record]

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