• Immersive Environment, Programming - Zach Duer
• Typographical Visualization - Meaghan Dee
• Music - Ico Bukvic


• International Conference for Auditory Display 2019, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, June 23, 2019
• Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities National Conference, Athens, GA, November 1, 2018
• New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Moss Arts Center Cube, Blacksburg, VA, June 3-6, 2018

Forgetfulness is a multimedia, immersive, interactive, virtual reality experience that transports the audience into a meditative and introspective space where a poem about Alzheimer’s disease is set as text onto a mobius strip. The poem vividly portrays the fragmented experiences of an anonymous woman affected by the disease. The lines of the poem elide into each other without clear delineations as each thought, intention, and action loses track of its beginning and fades into the next. The text gently undulates across the mobius strip, coming in and out of focus, fading from and reentering existence. The audience freely explores the space to encounter the poem non-linearly, initially unsure of the direction or nature of the disjointed narrative and piecing together the context as they read.


Video trailer




Documentation of immersive environment



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