Cloud City Collage



• Visuals - Zach Duer, Renato González, Scotty Hardwig
• Music - Kyle Hutchins, Eric Lyon


• Solid/Air, Online, April 16, 2021
• Illuminating Flight and Refuge, Moss Arts Center, Blacksburg, VA, November 5 - 15, 2020

Sponsored by:

• VT College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Global Partnership Grant
• VT School of Performing Arts Bruce Carver Grant

Cloud City Collage is a visual album of experimental mediamaking using virtual rehearsal processes spanning Europe and the Americas, a choreographic phantasmagoria of images, bodies, sounds, and animals. Set to the improvised saxophone and electronic sound worlds of Kyle Hutchins and Eric Lyon, it merges the poetics of dance, animation, and music into bizarre and chimeric dreamscapes. The visual elements use movement, projected dimensionality, video, and image processing to interpret many layers of frontier spaces - the body as a border and a choreography of skin that divides human beings from one another; the barriers and portals of language and written text as doorways to imagination; the borders between human beings and our environment amidst other species that surround us, from tiny fungi to leaves and branches of rhizomal organisms that spread their roots beyond their initial growth to migratory birds that pass over walls and lines of human maps. Collaged microphotography and imagery taken from the environments of North America, Mexico, and France offer a choreographic journey through the many cultural and biological borders that bind us together.

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