Body, Full of Time



• Visual Direction - Zach Duer
• Performance, Choreography & Artistic Direction - Scotty Hardwig
• Sound - Caleb Flood
• Animation - Nate King
• Scenic, Costume & Lighting Design - Estefania Perez-Vera
• Production & Technical Assistance - Joseph Fry


• 6th International Conference on Movement and Computing, Tempe, AZ, October 12, 2019
• Practicing Presence Festival, Northampton, MA, May 25, 2019
• Moss Arts Center Cube, Blacksburg, VA, April 25-27, 2019

Sponsored by:

• VT Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology - Mini SEAD Grant

Body, Full of Time is a solo choreographic work performed and created by movement and media artist Scotty Hardwig in collaboration with visual artist Zach Duer, sound artist Caleb Flood, animator Nate King, and designer Estefania Perez-Vera. Using motion capture, projection, and interactive avatar designs, the work presents a chimeric vision of the human body fragmented in the cyber age, examining the relationship between physical and digital versions of self. The dance emerges in the space between the human and the virtual, with the body both as active sensor and passive recipient to technological currents. In choreography, stage design, and sound composition, the work draws upon old and new ways of making, melding ancient ways of creating and dancing with more contemporary currents in digital culture.


Video trailer




Full show documentation, Moss Arts Center Cube, April 25, 2019



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