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KINE 448 - Computer Animation II (Spring 2015)

Assignment Three


Create an animation with two parts.  The two parts can coexist or be separated.  The first part should be created in the style of your assigned worldview.  That means, while making the first animation, put yourself into the mindset of a person in that worldview.  If I were [Bach/Richter/Serra] making 3D animation, what would I do?  Make something that doesn’t just mimic the style, it EMBODIES the worldview.  The second part is your response to that worldview.  What is your reaction to the assigned worldview?  What do you agree with or disagree with, or are attracted to or repulsed by?  The second animation can either explicitly show these reactions, or it can implicitly suggest them by building its own worldview as a response to the assigned one.

Leigh Hanes - Eco feminism

David Price - Constructivism

Christina Beran - Dada

Assignment Two


Create an environment of found objects, assembled from photogrammetry, ripped from videogames, and/or downloaded from the internet.  It must include at least one model obtained through photogrammetry.  Within that environment, create a visual-music animation that syncs nDynamics simulations with a clip of music.

Keith Boylan

Erica Castro

Leigh Hanes

Assignment One


Create a virtual environment of impossible architecture, and a character of any kind.  Choreograph an animated dance for the character within/around the architectural environment.

Keith Boylan

David Price

Corinne Burr

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