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Or Be Forever Fallen

Or Be Forever Fallen - Performance November 16, 2017.  Performance by Beo String Quartet.  Video courtesy of the Moss Arts Center.

Or Be Forever Fallen Immersive - 360 video recorded June 2020 by the Beo String Quartet.

Multimedia performance: Processed string quartet, video

Collaboration with Charles Nichols (music)

Anne and Ellen Fife Theatre, Moss Arts Center, Blacksburg, VA, November 16, 2017

In his recent electroacoustic chamber music for amplified instruments and computer, composer Charles Nichols has explored a fusion of styles, combining the tradition and craft of classical music with the intensity and bravado of metal.  In these pieces, to expand the expressive potential of the acoustic instruments, he combines virtuosic performance with interactive computer music.  With Or Be Forever Fallen, he continues that exploration, heavily processing the amplified string quartet with saturated audio effects, including distortion, phasing, and flanging.  Believing that classical music can be presented with the same immersive spectacle as popular music, he has collaborated with video artist Zach Duer, who has a created animation of imaginary machinery and landscape, tightly coordinated with the music, to be projected behind the spotlighted string quartet.

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