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Virtual Environment Simulation


Brickolage is an interactive evolution simulation existing in a virtual environment.  Beige rectangular shapes, called bricks, populate the space, acting as an abstracted floating landscape.  Multicolored spheres represent organisms, which can fly through the space picking up and moving the bricks and breeding.  


The organisms are controlled by an artificial intelligence called an evolutionary artificial neural network.  Based on sensory input gathered from their environment, the organisms make decisions about what to do every moment.  The environment itself also influences the health of the organisms.  Depending on the surrounding formations of the bricks, the organisms might have their lifespans reduced or increased.  


When the organisms breed, they pass on their genetic code, which is their particular neural network.  Thus, the artificial intelligence evolves over hundreds or thousands of generations.  The organisms that survive are the ones capable of modifying the bricks in their environment to suit their genetic needs, and then successfully find mates with which to breed.


Created with Unreal Development Kit

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