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Belle2VR - Subatomic Particle Physics Visualization

Belle2VR - Documentation Video, June 2017


Virtual Reality Data Visualization

Collaboration with Leo Piilonen, George Glasson, et al

A visualization of the Belle II supercollider created to research subatomic particle physics.  Students from the senior level particle physics course at Virginia Tech will explore this visualization in virtual reality, learning about the parts of the Belle II collider and the particle collision events that are researched.

Created with Unity

Belle2VR at the University of Hawaii Manoa High Energy Physics Group lab, June 2017

Belle2VR at ICAT Day, Virginia Tech, May 2017

Belle2VR at the Virginia Tech Science Festival using immersive projection, October 2016


A Complex Collision Event


The Detector


A Simple Collision Event with the Detector

WIP Documentation, December 5 2016

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