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Fixed-media video and sound, for Youtube


In this series of works, 6 second "found" Vine videos are stretched by 10000%, then reposted onto Youtube, titled exactly as the original Vine videos.


After Effects is used for frameblending the video, and Audacity Paulstretch for audio.  Rather than just interpolating pixel colors or amplitude values, these are predictive algorithms which attempt to analyze the video and audio to determine what perceptual "objects" and interpolate between those objects.


Each original frame of video is separated by 99 predictive frames, meaning you only see one original frame roughly once every 3.3 seconds (as opposed to the original .03 seconds at 30 frames per second). Each original sample of audio is separated by 99 predictive samples, meaning you only hear one original sample roughly once every .002 seconds (as opposed to the original .00002 seconds at 44.1k samples per second)


Created with After Effects and Audacity

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