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My work lies at a series of intersections: sound and visualization; improvised performance and careful composition; intuitive spontaneity and structured digital systems.  Trained as a musician and composer, I connect deeply with the performing arts and I have built a community of collaborators that includes musicians, dancers, and other visual artists.  I integrate new technologies such as motion capture, virtual reality headsets, biometric sensors, and projection mapping into a creative process that is rooted in music.  Melodic lyricism, visceral rhythms, and abstract forms - for me, these are the materials that hold meaning and evoke a deeply felt response.  At the heart of my practice is the desire to express musical ideas through visual media using forms and styles that are accessible to a broad audience while continuing to challenge aesthetic, social, and technological tropes and norms.  I want to connect with people that might not normally visit an art gallery or attend an experimental music event, and entice and guide them through sublime and evocative experiences. ​


Zach Duer is an educator and artist.  He is an Associate Professor teaching in the Creative Technologies Program in the School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.  His work lies at a series of intersections: sound and visualization; careful composition and improvised performance; intuitive musical spontaneity and structured digital systems.  Spanning media including fixed-media sound and video collage, improvised multimedia performance, immersive environments, and projection mapped and 3D-printed sculpture, his works have been shown internationally.  He holds an MFA in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University (2014), an MA in Music Composition from Mills College (2009) and a BM in Music Composition from Minnesota State University Moorhead (2007).

Zach Duer CV

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